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Tomb Raider - Legend Set by Lavoieri

This set contains 4 files: top, shorts, boots and backpack.

I made non essential parts with only texture to reduce polycount as much as I could. In CAS boots may not render properly but in game looks perfect, don’t worry. Backpack and boots have morphs too. Main colors are recolorable. Find backpack in accessories - earrings. For adult/young adult. If you played Tomb Raider Legend I’m sure you’ll remember the outfits ^^ 

Special thanks for Sintiklia, CmarNYC and BloomsBase for helping me :)

Hair: Skysims 115. // Gloves: basegame.

Polycount information in Milkshape:

- shorts: 3337 vertices, 2028 faces.

- top: 1787 vertices, 2894 faces.

- boots: 492 vertices, 724 faces.

- backpack: 690 vertices, 230 faces.

I couldn’t upload this one in The Sims Resource cause guns are not allowed, so you can download from my new Dropbox. Please tell me if link is not working or you find anything wrong.

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tagz4kz0bleg878/Tomb%20Raider%20-%20Legend%20Set.zip




This is a snapshot spread to provide guidance for those times when you need to have a serious talk with someone— but aren’t sure how go about it.

Card 1 is the energy you should take into the conversation. This position can be modified also to be “where to start”. 

Card 2 represents what you SHOULD address in the conversation. Of course, you already know what you need to say, but this card will give you advice on what issues to gravitate towards, what attitudes to keep as your central focus, etc.

Card 3 represents what you SHOULD NOT address in this conversation. Steer clear of talking about these issues, having these attitudes, etc. 

Card 4 represents the energy you will leave the conversation with, or in plainer terms, the outcome. This can also be modified to be “where to end”. 

Additional cards can be pulled for the middle two if further clarification is needed, or if this is a more complex conversation. 

I will do this spread for you free if you request it over the next 2 hours.

This is good

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The Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders can’t stop marveling at the impeccably detailed, impossibly tiny miniature food created by Rochester, MN-based artist Kim of fairchildart. From fruit and veggies to mouthwatering main courses, tantalizing sweets, and even a cannibal’s feast, all of Kim’s 1:12 scale food sculptures are handmade using polymer clay, needles, colored chalk pastels, rocks, razor blades and awesome attention to detail.

"I started out in July of 2008 with a book by Sue Heaser called Making Doll’s House Miniatures with Polymer Clay. It’s a fantastic book with very easy to follow tutorials on everything from miniature potatoes to Tiffany style lamps. I was amazed at how such simple clay techniques could produce incredibly realistic results. From there I started using pictures of real food as a reference and it’s spiraled into an obsession ever since!”

When asked how she manages to make her miniature food look so realistic, Kim says that secret to her success is: “a good dose of artistic masochism and being a stickler for details.”

Click here to view lots more of Kim’s fantastically food miniatures.

She also has pieces available for purchase via the fairchildart Etsy shop.

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You can find the rest here

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